Jack Harris
Singer Songwriter

“Jack is a priest of song who holds himself to a rigorous, ancient code of beauty most of us have forgotten exists” 
Anais Mitchell



“A lyricist of great descriptive precision and a flair for revealing observation”
Folk Radio UK

“A unique lyrical mind”
Q Magazine

“A natural and captivating song writing talent, 5/5”
The Telegraph

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    The Art of Songwriting: Tips and Techniques

    1. Finding Inspiration 1.1 Exploring Different Genres Exploring different genres is an essential aspect of the art of songwriting. By delving into various musical styles, songwriters can expand their creative horizons and develop a unique and diverse repertoire. Each genre offers its own set of conventions, melodies, rhythms, and lyrical themes, providing endless possibilities for…

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    Arranging and Structuring Songs: A Guide for Songwriters

    Introduction The importance of arranging and structuring songs The importance of arranging and structuring songs cannot be overstated for songwriters. While the lyrics and melody are undoubtedly crucial elements, it is the arrangement and structure that give a song its unique identity and captivate listeners. Effective arrangement involves carefully selecting and organizing the instrumentation, dynamics,…

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    Exploring Songwriting Prompts: Sparking Creativity

    1. The Importance of Songwriting Prompts Why songwriting prompts are valuable Songwriting prompts are valuable tools for musicians and songwriters as they provide a starting point and inspiration for the creative process. These prompts can help overcome writer’s block and spark new ideas by offering a specific theme, emotion, or concept to explore. They encourage…

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    Building an Engaged Fanbase: Marketing Strategies for Singer Songwriters

    1. Understanding Your Target Audience Identifying your ideal fan Identifying your ideal fan is a crucial step in building an engaged fanbase as a singer-songwriter. Understanding who your target audience is will allow you to tailor your marketing strategies and connect with the right people. Start by analyzing your existing fanbase and identifying common characteristics…