Jack Harris
Singer Songwriter

“Jack is a priest of song who holds himself to a rigorous, ancient code of beauty most of us have forgotten exists” 
Anais Mitchell



“A lyricist of great descriptive precision and a flair for revealing observation”
Folk Radio UK

“A unique lyrical mind”
Q Magazine

“A natural and captivating song writing talent, 5/5”
The Telegraph

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    The Art of Writing a Strong Hook

    Understanding the Importance of a Strong Hook What is a hook? A hook is a sentence or phrase that captures the reader’s attention and draws them into the rest of the writing. It is the first impression that a reader has of the piece and can determine whether they continue reading or not. A strong…

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    The Benefits of Incorporating Classical Music into Modern Songwriting

    Introduction The evolution of music The evolution of music has been a continuous process since the beginning of human civilization. From the earliest forms of music, such as tribal chants and drumming, to the emergence of classical music in the 18th century, and the birth of modern music in the 20th century, music has always…

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    Musical Styles Around the World

    African Music Traditional African Music Traditional African music is a diverse and rich genre that varies greatly across the continent. It is characterized by the use of percussion instruments, such as drums, rattles, and xylophones, as well as vocal harmonies and call-and-response singing. The music often reflects the cultural and social traditions of the region,…

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    The Importance of Lyrics in Songwriting

    Introduction Definition of songwriting Songwriting is the process of creating a song, which involves writing lyrics, composing music, and arranging the song’s structure. It is a form of artistic expression that allows songwriters to convey their emotions, thoughts, and experiences through music. Songwriting requires creativity, imagination, and a deep understanding of music theory and composition.…